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Where have you seen Bob lately?
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Bob Staake is the author and/or illustrator of more than 60+ books.
They have been translated into over 12 languages around the world.

For information on signed books and bookplates, please click here.
Who Is Bob?
Read his biography here -- or see what Wikipedia says about him here.


67: The Book Of Gold

Schwartz & Wade / Penguin Random House

Coming Soon!

66: I'm A Bulldozer

Little Golden Books / PenguinRandom House

Coming Soon!

65: Beachy

Penguin Random House

Coming Soon!

64: A Fire Engine Named RED

Farrar, Straus & Girous

Coming Soon!

63: Don't Splash The Sasquatch


Coming Soon!

62: I Love Dogs!


Coming Soon!

61: My Pet Book

Penguin Golden Books

60: Robots, Robots Everywhere!

Little Golden Books / Random House

59: Name That Baby!

eBook from Daily Interactive

58: The Blimp Chimps


Coming Soon!

57: Toys Galore

Candlewick Press

56: Look! Another Book!

Little, Brown

55: Don't Squish The Sasquatch!

Hyperion / Disney

54: Bluebird

Schwartz and Wade Books - Random House

Spring 2013

53: Little Golden Books Freewheelin' Favorites

Little Golden Books - Random House

52: I'm A Monster Truck

Little Golden Books - Random House

51: Shapes Around Town

Playbac Publishing (SmartyTown Imprint)

Coming Soon!

50: Letters About Town

Playbac Publishing (SmartyTown Imprint)

Coming Soon!

49: Colors In The City

Playbac Publishing (SmartyTown Imprint)

Coming Soon!

48: Bugs Galore!

Candlewick Press

47: Cars Galore!

Candlewick Press

46: We Planted A Tree

Random House / Golden Books

45: Look! A Book!

Little, Brown

44: The First Pup

Feiwel and Friends / Macmillan

43: The Donut Chef

Golden Books and Random House

42: Pets Go Pop!

Little, Brown

41: Baby Burp #1

To Be Released Soon

40: Trucks Go Pop!

Little, Brown

39: Mary Had A Little Lamp


38: This Is NOT A Pumpkin

Simon + Schuster

37: Sputter, Sputter, Sput!


35: The Orb Of Chatham

Commonwealth Editions

35: The Red Lemon

Random House

34: Struwwelpeter

Fantagraphics Books

33: I'm A Truck

Little Golden Books and Random House

32: Pop Bead People


31: Hello, Robots!

Viking Children's Books

30: One Hundred Shoes

Random House

29: Pigs Rock!

Viking Children's Books


"Staake's illustrations, a stylistic collision of Russian constructivism and pop art, explode with energy (and) joyous intensity."

- Publisher's Weekly


28: My Little Golden Picture Dictionary

Little Golden Books

27: My Little Color Zoo Book

Simon + Schuster

26: My Little Opposites Book

Simon + Schuster

25: My Little 123 Book

Simon + Schuster

24: My Little ABC Book

Simon + Schuster


"Although many board books introduce concepts, Staake's are notable for the sophistication of their graphic design. Simple enough to hold the attention of toddlers, these colorful, computer-enhanced images are also visually interesting enough to please preschoolers and parents as well."

- American Library Association


23: In The Sun

22: What Am I?

21: June's Tune

20: Hairy Science

19: Thumbs Up Science

18: Shadow Science

17: Bouncing Science

16: The Mighty Little Lion Hunter

15: The Hypochondriac's Guide To Life and Death


"Bob Staake's modern, crisp illustrations...practically jump off the page."

- Publisher's Weekly


14: The Boy's Guide To Life

13: The Girl's Guide To Life

12: Pop!

11: Boing!

10: Splish!

9: The Complete Book Of Humorous Art

8: The Complete Book Of Caricature

7: True and Tacky 2

6: Happiness Is A Healthy Life

5: Headlines by Jay Leno

4: Jay Leno's Headlines

3: Humor and Cartoon Markets - 1990

2: Humor and Cartoon Markets - 1991

1: Humor and Cartoon Markets - 1993


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We're always adding new Bob Staake art and content, so visit our portfolios often!

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Bob's much anticipated new picture book is finally here -- and just in time for back to school! Order here

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