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Everything you ever wanted to know about Bob.

Interesting asides, weird information,obsessive ramblings, strange matter, and the otherwise questionable usage of megabytes.

Bob Biography

Bob Staake Speaking Engagements and Lectures



A Sampling of Bob Interviews, Podcasts and Yammerings:

> = external link

> Drawn.Ca Article On Bob Staake and 'Bluebird'

> A Peek At Bob Staake's Drawing Table (Seven Impossible Things)

> Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast Interview with Bob Staake

> New York Times: The Flowering Of The Donut Arts (Bob Staake's 'The Donut Chef'')

> UrbanBaby.com interview with picture book author/illustrator Bob Staake

> Bob Staake's LOOK! A BOOK! Exclusive Preview via BoingBoing

> Behind The Scene With Children's Book Author Bob Staake (MomLogic.com)

> Neatorama Interview

> Escape From Illustration Island Podcast

> Washington Post: Give Titles To These Bob Staake Picture Books

> The Red Lemon Symphony

> CBS Face The Nation / President Obama / Bob

> The New Yorker Covers of Bob Staake

> The Colours Of Bob Staake

> Bob Staake and the First Dog (NewYorker.com)

> CapeCodToday Interview

> Top Magazine Cover of 2008 by TIME

> Boston Globe Interview

> MacWorld Interview

> Random House Author Spotlight

> Just One More Book

> Thunder Chunky

> Illustration Mundo

> Design Inspiration

> Drawn.ca

> Cape Cod Chronicle

> National Public Radio

> Mexican illustrator Federico Jordan's Audio Blog

> The Illustrative Designer

> Little Chimp Society

> MyChatham.com

> WashingtonPost.com

> KittyKitty

> WGBH Boston

> Pixel Surgeon

'Computer Artist'


Just For Fun:

The stuff that's hard to classify.

The Bob Staake StudioCam

> A Tour of Bob's Studio

> Bob Stuff on Ebay


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We're always adding new Bob Staake art and content, so visit our portfolios often!


The Posters of Bob Staake



Original Bob Art:

Yes, Bob does make some of his original art available for purchase by the public

Doodle Kaboodle

> Comic Art Collective


Nooks and Crannies:

Stuff that can be found of BobStaake.com -- when you know where to look.


Fabrics and Textiles

Cape Cod Cottage Series

> Bob Creating His Art on YouTube

Bob Staake Desktop Patterns/Scrensavers

The Endpapers of Bob Staake


Follow Bob:

> Facebook

> Twitter

> Flickr


Break A Sweat:

Things that require you to get involved

> Build a Model of Bob's Cape Cod Studio

> Build your own Bookmobile



Sub-Bob Index:


Dad Obit

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Follow Bob:

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