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"A strange noir mystery that is truly baffling, yet curiously entertaining."
-- Tim Wood, The Cape Cod Chronicle
'Middle-of-the-night black, moonlight white and cold gray have never been so eerily orchestrated as they are in Staake's superb drawings for his chilling tale, 'The Orb of Chatham'. Your eyes will feast and your skin will crawl."
-- Michael Keegan, The Washington Post
"A taut tale of ghostly suspense -- a clever mystery with a solid mythology."
-- CapeCodToday.com

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A downloadable walking tour map showing the primary locations depicted in 'The Orb Of Chatham' will be available online soon in our Unlock The Code area.

A 1928 map of Chatham, Massachusetts is also reproduced as the end papers within the book.

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Written and illustrated by Bob Staake, 'The Orb Of Chatham' is unlike any other of his more than 35 books.

A hauntingly eery tale that meanders through this mysterious New England town, 'The Orb Of Chatham' fascinates and mesmerizes readers both young and old. Take a peek at the book


Key To Map

1: Principle 'Orb Of Chatham' theories suggest that the Orb made landfall in Chatham by sea along Morris Island -- approximately one mile south of the Lighthouse. This area can be seen from the breathtaking observation area near the weather station.

2: As the Orb rolled across these dunes, it would have left an uncommon, telltale mark across the sand -- though no witnesses reported observing such markings.

3: At the Lighthouse, the Orb was careful not to be caught in the slowly turning beam. Theories abound that the Orb was attracted to the bright light.

4: Down Bridge street it traveled to the draw bridge, presumably entering the water, then hiding under the structure to keep from being seen by passersby.

5: On Mill Pond just north of the town landing at Eliphamets Lane, the Orb traveled along the path. except in unsually high tide, this area is completely accessible by foot.

6: While we cannot divuldge the precise location of the Shore Road mansion where Walter and Margaret Snow resided, it is on the west side of the road -- between Main Street and Bay Lane.

7: The only witness report that placed the Orb within a building was here on Shore Road -- in the first floor library of the Snow's mansion.

8: The home where Isabel Porter rented a room. From the third floor attic window, she observed the Orb "rolling in silence" down Main Street. A black orb can be viewed resting on the attic window sill

9: Continuing west on Main Street, the Orb stopped in front of the Wayside Inn when a light came on in a third floor room. Note: The dining room on the west side of the inn was added after 1935.

10: The only location where the Orb was observed in air was here before the First United Methodist Church. This is where Wilfred "Gus" Nickerson observed the Orb "hovering".

11: At the Seaside Cemetary (across the street from the Main Street Market), the Orb rolled over the hills and between the centuries-old graves.

12: Herbert Eldredge, a clammer and lobsterman, witnessed the Orb at the Union Dock -- before it plunged into the waters of Stage Harbor. These waters connect to Nantucket South to the south and the open Atlantic.




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The Book Is Only The Beginning Of The Orb Of Chatham Story:

Of the five who reported witnessing 'The Orb Of Chatham' in 1935, why would Margaret Snow be the last to file her report with the authorities, while her husband, Walter, was the first? Additional Information on 'The Chatham Five' can be found inside the Orb. Click here to unlock the code and enter Why are so many orb shapes found in Chatham? The mysterious forms are commonly seen decorating gardens, placed in northeast corners of barns, and even used as book ends. Once people have read 'The Orb of Chatham', they report noticing even more Orb shapes within the quaint village. Additional photos of Orbs can be found inside the Orb. Click here to unlock the code and enter What explains that orbs are often found near ship wrecks, particularly those occuring on nights with full moons? Unless you look closely at some of these mysterious photographs, you may not even notice the orbs that almost seem to hide from view. Additional shipwreck photos can be found inside the Orb. Click here to unlock the code and enter

Given the relative shallowness of Chatham's waters, why did divers feel it necessary in 1976 to use a titanium diving suit like this to search the ocean floor of Stage Harbor when lobster traps were discovered being mysteriously "crushed" by something? Additional photos can be found inside the Orb. Click here to unlock the code and enter Why would this novelty song about 'The Orb Of Chatham' have been recorded in 1936 -- but banned from being played on the town's only radio station? Additional product photos can be found inside the Orb. Click here to unlock the code and enter Is there a reason why orb sightings in the Chatham skies increase during the winter months -- even though the town's population drops considerably? And why do so many townspeople insist that 'The Orb of Chatham' events of 1935 never took place? Additional Sighting Photos can be found inside the Orb. Click here to unlock the code and enter


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The Orb Of Chatham and OrbOfChatham.com is Copyright 2005 by Bob Staake - All Rights Reserved. The book was originally published by Commonwealth Editions. The text, images and content on this web site cannot be used without the expressed, written consent of the author. For licensing inquiries, please click here. Any similarity to charcacters living or dead is strictly coincidental Flash animation and music sequence by Ryan Staake -- Melonsoft.

























, the reports were made upon daylight, though local authorities dismissed them a hoax.

Still, the witnesses' independent accounts were virtually identical; the orb appeared to be made of blackened metal, perhaps six feet tall, and traveled in absolute silence by rolling (though one witness reported spotting the orb "hovering" in the air above a local church).

Two months later, all five witnesses vanished -- on the same October evening -- never to be seen again.

Whether 'The Orb Of Chatham' is truth or fiction remains a mystery to this day.