What The Critics Are Saying About Bob Staake, Author and Illustrator of "The Red Lemon":

"Staake's illustrations (are) a stylistic collision of Russian constructivism and pop art, (and) explode with energy playing off of basic geometric shapes and angles and swimming in saturated colors."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Staake's (picture books) are notable for the sophistication of their graphic design. Simple enough to hold the attention of toddlers, these colorful, computer-enhanced images are also visually interesting enough to please preschoolers and parents as well."

-- American Library Association

"Bob Staake's modern, crisp illustrations ... practically jump off the page."

-- Publishers Weekly

"Staake's art is deceptive -- it looks simple, but one still finds new things in the illustrations after over a hundred readings."

-- BoingBoing.net


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Teacher's Guide

We are currently building our Teacher's Guide for The Red lemon


Farmer McPhee LOVES lemons. In fact he has thousands and thousands of yellow lemon trees. Why would he be so afraid of a red lemon?

Fear of the unknown, fear of things he is not used to seeing, fear of things being different


Farmer McPhee seems to feel that other people and customers would NOT like red lemons because they looked so strange. Why do you think he felt this way?

Because he believes all other people think the way he does -- and since HE feared the red lemon, he assumes everyone else would too


Why does Farmer McPhee throw the red lemon out to sea?

Because he views it as bad and if it stayed in his yellow lemon orchard, it might somehow cause even more red lemons to grow.


Does Farmer McPhee ever consider that the red lemon might be a GOOD thing?

No. He doesn't even consider that it might be a positive thing. Instead, he immediately wants to get rid of it because he thinks it must be bad.


Related Questions:

What would you do if you opened a cartoon of white eggs and one was blue? Would YOU want to throw it out? Why?

Farmer McPhee had so many beautiful yellow lemon trees, but 200 years later, they were all gone. Why do you suppose all of his yellow lemon trees died off while the red lemon trees prospered?



Classroom Activities:

Draw a picture showing what happens to Farmer McPhee and his yellow lemon orchard between the time he threw the red lemon to the island and 200 years later when the Red Lemon Island comes to be.

Write a poem that imagines Farmer McPhee seeing the Red Lemon Island and the entire civilization that sprouts up from that one red lemon he


Text and illustrations in The Red Lemon © Copyright 2006 by Bob Staake -- All Rights Reserved

The Red Lemon is published by Random House and Golden Books

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