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The Steam Roller
By Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrated by Bob Staake
Little Golden Books
Random House
ISBN 10: 0399556532
ISBN 13: 978-0399556531
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Behind The Pages With Bob:

"I was quite literally raised on Ms. Brown's stories, so when Random House asked me to illustrate 'The Steam Roller' as a Little Golden Book, I was flat-out honored. ('Flat-out' - get it?.) This absolutely HAS to be the quirkiest Little Golden Book in the publisher's 75-year history. A little girl is given a large and dangerous piece of construction mchineray as a Christmas present - humans, fish and even pigs are shown being squashed - and she's then given yet another construction vehicle, but this one has the magical ability to miraculously resurrect her roadkill. If THAT doesn't make for a great children's book, I don't know what does."

-- Bob Staake


The little girl wakes on Christmas morning but doesn;t find any presents -- just an old dog bone under the tree

In the opening scene a cremation urn can be seen sitting on the fireplace mantle. Originally written across it was "Nana", but was omitted prior to publication.

Though she is not of legal age or licensed to operare heavy machinert, the little girl runs over not only her school teacher, but a policeman as well. Amazingly, she isn't charged and convicted of vehicular homicide.

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To celebrate Golden Books' 75th anniversary: a little-known Christmas tale by the author of Goodnight Moon is now a Little Golden Book that'll keep readers smiling all year long.

Once there was a little girl. It was Christmas and her mother and father gave her a steam roller. . . .

Celebrated illustrator Bob Staake brings his comic genius to Margaret Wise Brown's hilarious story about a girl who's given nothing for Christmas except a giant steam roller. She gamely sets out to drive it despite not knowing how, and squashes everyone in her way--including her mean old aunt, her teacher, and a policeman. Dismayed to see everyone as flat as a shadow, she informs her parents, who immediately present her with a giant steam shovel to scoop everyone up with. Soon everyone has been scooped back to normal, and a wonderful Christmas is had by all.



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