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The Best "Worst President"
Written by Mark Hannah
Illustrated by Bob Staake
ISBN: 9780062443052
ISBN 10: 0062443054
* Published in hardcover and Kindle editions.
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Behind The Pages With Bob:

"As an illustrator of primarily children's books, it was nice to have the opportunity to spread my adult non-fiction wings in 'The Best Worst President.' From the very beginning of th project I felt that all 10 chapter illustrations should read almost like anti-Obama propoganda posters, so I suggested that Mark create succinct titles for each; Obama the Socialist, Obama the Freedom Destroyer, Obama the Socialist, etc -- and then allow me to graphically riff on each headline. I also worked very hard to get that angel/devil cover concept accepted -- and after making a passioned case for it, HarperCollins was 110% on board. Their in-house designers tried various typefaces for the cover, but Mark and I both agreed that they didn't quite work. So in the end, I designed the cover myself using Futura Bold -- HarperCollins again agreeing that it was the right way to go. Did you notice my smaller byline? I insisted on this because the book was Mark's baby. and I was just the guy who put on gloves for a couple hours to help him bring it into the world."

-- Bob Staake


One of Bob's illustrations in "The Best 'Worst President'" graphically refers to a Stanley Kubrick film. Can you name the film?

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Political analyst and Democratic campaign veteran Mark Hannah and renowned New Yorker illustrator Bob Staake give Barack Obama the victory lap he deserves in this compendium that takes the president's critics head-on and celebrates the president's many underappreciated triumphs...

Sample image from book (above)

Kirkus Reviews
Barack Obama: dictator; secret Muslim; al-Qaida operative. If you've heard this sort of thing and want to argue against it, political consultant Hannah offers a useful primer.It's a useful thing indeed to have a compendium of opposition charges about, say, Obamacare being "an unmitigated disaster" or Benghazi being the modern Watergate and responses to them, especially since the Obama administration has seemed so uninterested in advancing those responses on its own hook. Hannah, a specialist in message-crafting, looks in turn at the usual conservative charges, beginning with the overarching first premise: namely, that Obama is a dictator, inclined to go it alone without the advice and consent of Congress and independent of reference to the Constitution. Nonsense, Hannah writes, even though "this line of argument actually [has begun] to resonate with the American people," having been repeated ad infinitum on Fox News.

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