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A Tribute to One of the All-Time Great Cartoonists and Illustrators



Editorial Cartoons

Bold, graphic, and always with a strong sense of engaging composition, Hubenthal began his professional career as an illustrator. Even when he was best-known for his editorial and sports cartoons, Hubenthal would occassionally accept freelance illustration assignments from (primarily sports-related) clients -- ranging from the Los Angeles Dodgers to Hollywood Park Racetrack.  

  Dramatic lighting, expansive compositional play, and Hubenthal's uncanny understanding of anatomy makes this illustration of a Harlem Globetrotter almost come to life.


When it came to sports, Hubenthal seemed to most enjoy drawing on football -- both college and professional -- presumably because the subject matter was perfectly suited to his high-energy, lots-of-action brand of graphic cartooning. As inventive and ahead of its time (1961) the "Rams vs. Browns" type treatment is, it is doubtful that Hubenthal created the lettering. It all probability, it was probably added after the illustration was put in place.


  Herald-Examiner TV Guide cover (circa 1966) caricature illustration of Fred Astaire. Illustrating in watercolor and gouache , upon retirement, Hubenthal ultimately turned to fine painting in oils.


A 1961 "spread" illustration, Hubenthal would have found it essential for the right portion of the art to "work" as a cover, and when opened, the left side to make the illustration read as an 11"x17" spread. Hubenthal's character developmental abilities are obvious in the inset detail of the two (then) Oakland Raiders facing off againt the singular San Diego Charger.



  Even on illustration assignments, Hubenthal invariably drew on his conceptualizing skills as a cartoonist to create illustration art that almost always included a sight "gag", in this case the gleeful winning horse bettors, and the losing bettor who angrily watches his pony bring up the rear. This Hubenthal illustration appeared on the cover of the Hollywood Park Official Program, April 24 - July 20, 1981

It's worthy to note that the cover of this 1966 photo annual is not illustrated by a photo, but instead a gag-driven Hubenthal illustration. When working in color, rarely did Hubenthal stray from a multi-colored palette, but here it is obvious he could create strong, graphic design while employing black, whites, and hues of green with white highlights.  

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