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Create your OWN 3-D models of Blink, Zinc, Blip and Zip! Just print these 'paper-play models', glue them to firm posterboard, cut them out, and then stand them anywhere you want! These Hello Robots couldn't be more fun!

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 Fun + Games 2

What's The Hello Robots Difference?

These three illustrations from Hello Robots may LOOK the same, but they're not. See if YOU can spot the differences!

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 Fun + Games 3

Find The Moving Robot!

HUNDREDS of Hello Robots on a single page, but only ONE is moving. Can YOU find it by scrolling on the page?

(When you find him, click on the robot that moves)

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 Fun + Games 4

Put Blink, Zinc, Blip and Zip on YOUR computer screen! The robots have created these COOL desktop wallpapers -- four different ones!

Kids, you might need some help from an adult (or older brother or sister) to add these to your computer -- but they

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 Fun + Games 5

Who's YOUR Favorite Hello Robot?

Is it Blink, is it Zinc? Maybe you like Blip the most, or perhaps Zip? Cast a vote for YOUR favorite Hello Robot -- and see who OTHER kids are voting for!

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 Fun + Games 6

The Hello Robots want YOUR input! Tell us what you think of their book, and we'll add your comments to their 'Fan Email Page'! You can even submit your own drawings of the Hello Robots! Come on, kids -- it's time to share your thoughts!

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 Fun + Games 7

Go behind the scenes of Hello Robots and learn how this fun book was created! From the writing of the story to the sketching of the pages, from the creation of the color artwork to the choice of typefaces, it's a journey sure to inspire kids and adults alike!

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 Fun + Games 8

So, you think you REALLY know the Hello Robots? The test your robo-knowledge and take our ten question!

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 Fun + Games 9

What this world needs is away to color-by-numbers -- but online. Hey, with the click of a mouse, YOU can color Blink and Zinc, Blip and Zip! Is this cool, or what

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Untitled Document

Hello, Robots
by Bob Staake
Published Fall 2004 by Viking Children's Books
32 Pages 10"x10"
Full Color
ISBN 0670059056
BUY it Now
"A high-energy picture book goes a long way on a little plot, thanks to a clean graphic style, a staccato rhyming text, and a surefire kid-pleaser of a subject. Young robot fans will thrill to this simple tale, and the strong rhythm of the text makes it an ideal candidate for storytimes".
- School Library Journal
"Fascinating computer-enhanced artwork that features crisp geometric shapes and Technicolor hues -- thoughtfully designed, right down to the diamond-encrusted endpapers."
- Booklist
"A charming rhyme ... chock-full of funny visual details with a thumping rhythm that make this an excellent read-aloud."
- Kirkus Reviews
"Bob Staake's bold, graphic art style is perfectly suited to the futuristic subjects of his clever, humorous story."
"Bob Staake's modern, crisp illustrations ... practically jump off the page."
- Publisher's Weekly
"Staake's illustrations (are) a stylistic collision of Russian constructivism and pop art that explode with energy playing off of basic geometric shapes and angles and swimming in saturated colors."
- Publishers Weekly
+ Order other books by Bob Staake
Congratulations to Hello Robots -- a 2004 nominee for the Society of Illustrators prestigious 'Original Art Show', celebrating the fine art of children's book illustration!.
PLAY in our Fun + Games area!
The Hello Robots have created some extra-special puzzles, activities and interactive goodies for you! Check them out by clicking here
LEARN how Hello Robots was created as a children's book!
From the writing of the story to the sketching of the pages, from the creation of color artwork to the printing of the pages, the process of creating a picture book is complex. Go behind the scenes of Hello Robots to see how the book came to be! Click here
QUIZ Time!
So, you think you really know the Hello Robots? Then test your robo-knowledge and take our ten question quiz! Click here
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From t-shirts and mugs, wall clocks to lunch boxes, there's a Hello Robots promotional item that's perfect for you! See all the items now
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If you've got a color printer and a pair of scissors, you'll have a blast creating your OWN 3-D Hello Robots! Start building a Hello Robot now!

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