bob staake


known for his ecclectic sense of graphic design, bob staake's illustrations and images appear in everything from magazines to books, animation to greeting cards, advertising to newspapers, cereal boxes to computer games.

In a recent online interview, suggested that "to say bob staake is just an illustrator is like saying 'the beatles' were just a bunch of musicians; the title doesn't do the artist justice" and publisher's weekly commented that "bob staake's modern, crisp illustrations ... practically jump off the page"

his clients have included the new yorker, time, mad, sports illustrated for kids, mtv/nickelodeon, sports illustrated for kids, the washington post, cartoon network, children's television workshop, random house, little golden books, the walt disney company, the new york times, and countless others.

he has authored and/or illustrated over 40 books, including the orb of chatham, the red lemon, hello robots and this is not a pumpkin. the new york times named staake's 'the red lemon' one of the 10 best illustrated books of 2006.

he lives and works in chatham, massachusetts in a 200-year-old house on the elbow of cape cod.

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-- photo: j. kendall reid