"my original art and sketches have been offered online for years", says bob staake, "but i thought it was time to do something a little different -- and have a little fun"

that different and fun thing turned out to be doodlekaboodle -- where anyone can not only get an original bob staake doodle for $40 -- but buyers also get to determine the elements that the artist will draw.

using a simple pull down menu, you select the doodle's main character, environment and a secondary element -- and then bob takes those parameteres, incorporates them into a single original drawing along with other elements and then you have it -- a one of a kind original piece of art from thousands of possible combinations.

Use this pull down menu when placing your order -- guaranteeing that your doodle will be (ahem) 100% "unique". See doodle samples here.
can't wait to order? fine - go here!


> can't wait to order? fine - go here!