welcome to doodlekaboodle


bob LOVES his fans -- but how much does he love them? enough to let them score an original doodle for an insane $40.

that's a typo, right? no.

you see bob's work here and there -- on covers of the new yorker and cartoon network animation, in mad magazine and hallmark greeting cards, in the washington post and little golden books -- and now he'll create a special original drawing just for you right here on doodlekaboodle.

but what's so unique about doodlekaboodle is that you specify exactly what kind of doodle bob draws for you!

Use this pull down menu when placing your order -- guaranteeing that your doodle will be (ahem) 100% "unique". See doodle samples here.
can't wait to order? fine - go here!

just use the pulldown options on the doodle order form and pick the environment, the main character and a secondary element -- what comes out of bob's pen or pencil is either visual poetry or graphic oddness -- or something waaaay in between.